How It Works...
Order and pay for a wide range of school activities from home or on your mobile.

Step 1: Register

Go to from your computer or mobile device. Login or register for an account and add your students to get started.

For the cashless card: Link your student's existing Student ID Card to your new Flexischools account. After logging in to Flexischools, choose your student and select Setup Card Number and follow the prompts to link your student's card.

Step 2: Top-up

Top-up your account using VISA, Mastercard, PayPal or by direct deposit. We recommend topping up your account by $20. We'll email you a reminder when your account is running low.

For the cashless card: Set a daily spending limit for your student.

To ensure that your student always has funds available, we recommend setting an automatic top-up from your credit card. You choose what the trigger amount will be and also how much it will top-up by each time. For example: You can choose to set your account to automatically top-up by $20 whenever the balance is below $10.

Step 3: Order and Pay

Order from the range of school services which could include canteen, uniform shop, events, fundraisers, fee collection, photocopying and more.


For the cashless card: Students present their existing student card to pay for purchases using the topped up funds in your account.  Log in online to review and monitor their spending.

Step 4: Review or Edit

For canteen orders: Your order is now shown on the first screen along with your students. You can view, change or cancel the orders at a later time, by logging in again. You can also create a repeating order out of an existing order, so you never need to remember canteen day again!


For other orders: You will receive an email confirmation or E-Ticket of your order.


For the cashless card: Login to your account to view your students' purchases and\or update their daily spending limit.

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Other important information

Credit card details are processed securely by Westpac. Flexischools does not record or store any credit card details.