What's New...
New Mobile Website - iTunes App Phase-out!

Last weekend, we launched a new, free, Mobile Website, which replaces the iPhone/iPad App and adds many new exciting features. The Mobile Website runs directly from the phone browser, does not need to be downloaded via the App Store, and in a few steps (outlined below) an icon is added to the phone to behave like an App. With this new, free system system now available, we have removed the iPhone App for sale from the App Store, but we will continue to support ordering via the old App until 2014.

The reasons for this change are:

  • The new Mobile Website works on virtually any mobile device - not just Apple
  • The new version has many more features
  • Because it runs from the browser, you'll instantly get new features without requiring updates
  • It's FREE!

The current iPhone/iPad App will continue to work for the rest of the year. However we encourage you to try the new version because of all the new features and benefits.

Q: How do I use the Mobile Website?

A: Just go to www.flexischools.com.au from the browser on your device. Click "Login" and enter your existing username and password. You can also create a home screen icon on your phone so it works just like an App - see below.

Q: Why change?

A: Because the new version supports lot's of devices, has more features and is FREE!

Q: What are the new features?

A: In addition to all the existing ordering and account features in the App, the new Mobile Website has the following additional features:

  • Add/setup your students (no need to use the desktop site)
  • Quick reorder
  • Setup recurring orders
  • All top-up options available
  • Update student class details

Importantly, as we release new features, you get them instantly - no need to update.

Q: Can I put an icon on my iPhone/iPad home screen to make it work like an App?

A: Yes, browse to www.flexischools.com.au and click 'Share' then 'Add to Homescreen'. The "share" button is the arrow coming out of the square.

Q: What about Andriod phones?

A: Yes. On Android phone, bookmark the webpage in the browser and then hold your finger on the bookmark and select 'Add Shortcut' or 'Add to Home Screen' from the options that appear.

Q: Can I get a refund on the old App?

A: Sorry, no. But you can continue to use it until 2014. After than, we will continue to support use of the old App for as long as is practical. You can move to the new Mobile Website at any time and always add a link to your home screen (as above) and launch the new system just like the App. You'll also find lots of new cool features already available with the new version, as above.